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The FSC® certification

FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council®. It was founded as an independent non-governmental organization to promote the responsible management of forests. The FSC® system ensures the use of wood that comes from forests that consider the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations.

In 2022 worldwide around 200.000.000 hectares of forest are FSC® certified and there are about 50.000 certificates all over the globe.

The certification process takes place along the entire product chain and confirms that the material is FSC® certified along the entire supply chain. The FSC® logo identifies wood and paper that comes from sustainably managed forests.

FSC Logo

GARDENA has been FSC® certified since 2005 and contributes the compliance with the social and environmental standards of the FSC® certification system. GARDENA only uses 100% FSC® certified wood in their products.

Why to buy FSC® certified products

Wood is a renewable, recyclable and durable material. We have the responsibility to influence the sourcing and processing of wood positively. By purchasing FSC® certified products, you are contributing to the responsible sourcing of wood. You are also supporting the resource-conserving procurement of wood and the maintenance of the forest ecosystem.

You contribute to protect endangered forests and support that no illegally harvested wood is processed in the products you are using.

Some of the FSC® certified products you can see on the pictures. For more FSC® certified products search for FSC® at the GARDENA website. There you can find the whole assortment



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